About Us

“We are constantly striving to anticipate the needs of our clients and to improve the service that we offer”

The personal injury Uk heelpline is a Claims Managment Company. we have grown steadily through the provision of a fast, professional and personal service to both commercial and individual clients alike. Our team of solicitors draw on decades of collective experience in courts across Scotland and strive to exceed expectations of our customers and those that we do business with.

The firm is proud of its reputation, which has been built through seven years of word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients. Our passionate staff are constantly thinking ahead to anticipate ways in which we can improve our service.

We are passionate about claims and pride ourselves in the service that we offer our clients. We build a relationship with each and every client to help us understand their needs.

Our Promise / Mission Statement

At personal injury Uk the client always comes first. We are passionate about our work and never compromise on the quality of our service. We are dedicated to ensuring that our service continues to improve by encouraging the ongoing training and development of our dedicated staff. Whether they are solicitors, secretaries or support staff, many members of our team have been promoted from within the firm.

The Personal injury uk helpline also recognises the importance of establishing and nurturing productive relationships with all stakeholders. From insurance and claims management companies through to motor engineers and medical professionals, we deal with every organisation – and every individual – in a fast and friendly but polite and professional manner.

Our Services

Our personal injury claims services include but are not limited to:

  • Road Traffic
    • Car Accident Claims
    • Motorcycle Accident Claims
    • Bicycle Accident Compensation Claims
    • Pedestrian Road Traffic Claims
    • Bus Accident Claims
    • Uninsured Driver Claims
    • Taxi Driver Claims
    • Taxi Passenger Claims
    • Hit and Run Accident Claims
  • Work Accidents
    • Defective Equipment Accident Claims
    • Manual Handling Accident Claims
    • Slips and Trips at Work
    • Falls from Height Claims
    • Fatal Accidents at Work
    • Repetitive Strain Injury & Vibration White Finger
    • Chemical & Hazardous Substance Accident Claims
    • Slips, Trips & Falls Claims
    • Pavement Trips & Falls
    • Local Authority Claims
    • Dog Bite Claims
    • Damage to Property Claims
    • School Accidents
    • Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Treatment
    • Prescription & Drug Error Claims
    • Orthopaedic Injuries Claims
    • Birth Injury Defect Claims